Sep. 21, 2018

Wu Fu Xing Chuang Gui Movie Download Hd

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The "Five Lucky Stars" attempt to help a restless ghost take revenge on the evil drug gang who took his life. At the same time, they want the ghost to help them get rich and court the four policewomen

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original title: Wu fu xing chuang gui

genge: Action,Comedy

imdb: 6.6

duration: 1h 34min

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The "Five Lucky Stars" attempt to help a restless ghost take revenge on the evil drug gang who took his life. At the same time, they want the ghost to help them get rich and court the four policewomen assigned to the case. The "Five Lucky Stars" (Sammo Hung, Shui-Fang Fung, Charlie Chin, Richard Ng and Eric Tsang) are back again, this time caught in the middle of their first paranormal experience. They attempt to help a ghost (Pak-cheung Chan) to avenge his death on the evil drug gang. At the same time, four policewoman, one of whom is Madam Wu (Sibelle Hu), are assigned to the homicide case and, women-crazed once again, the "Five Lucky Stars" asks the ghost to help them court the ladies. This features most of the cast from the Lucky Stars saga but there is no Jackie, Yuen Biao. However the film is still a funny funny film with Richard Ng and the other guys keeping us all entertained.

The film is about a ghost who was shot dead and has the power to possess people and at the same time befriends the lucky stars on trying to find out the mystery surrounding his own death. The ghost of course is a very clumsy guy and again I don't remember his name but you've all seen his face. Don't worry, its a bit confusing but you gotta see it.

You have people like Elaine Lui who looks hot as hell, giving us an opportunity to look at and like the other formulas like in the previous films they always end up doing something stupid towards each resulting in the other getting hurt. Slapstick humor is the word.

I think this would be the last of the good films featuring the lucky stars cast. The rest of the other ones falls apart unfortunately. Anyways enough talk, check the film out! GHOST PUNTING is one of the later Lucky Stars movies made featuring the original cast. It's a shame really that only the early trilogy of films (WINNERS & SINNERS, MY LUCKY STARS, and TWINKLE TWINKLE LUCKY STARS) is well-known in the West, thanks no doubt to the starring roles for the likes of Jackie Chan. These follow-up films remain resolutely obscure, and it's worth noting that the likes of Jackie, Yuen Biao, and Andy Lau no longer show up, although Sammo is still here.

I felt extremely pleased when I saw that Amazon Prime had uploaded an English subtitled version of the movie with good picture quality to boot. It's reasons like this that I pay my Prime membership. As for GHOST PUNTING itself, it's definitely a lesser entry in the series, in which the endless girl-chasing comedy seems to go on forever and the script simply isn't as funny as previously.

The original cast are back, though, and that's worth something. Richard Ng goes over his old material, thinking he can cast magic spells and doing a little of his 'snake fu'. Eric Tsang is the bumbling, put-upon dolt as ever. Charlie Chin has aged somewhat and not quite the lothario he once thought he was. Stanley Fung remains delightfully serious. As for Sammo, he comes and goes, and his brief fight scenes are the undoubted highlights of the thing.

Despite the film's title, it takes around half the running time before things get involved with the explicitly supernatural plot. There are some amusing moments here and there and some decent special effects, but things only really kick off in the fine fight scenes which are snappy but effective. What we're left with is a distinctly average addition to this likable series of all-star comedy films.


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